Hatha Yoga

Open Level

Mondays 14.30-15.30    La Shala, Barcelona (NB. From 8th Jan 2018 time change-16.00-17.00)

*NEW Class* Begins  8th Jan 2018 - 18.00-19.00  at Barcelona Well Woman Centre

Fridays  16.30-17.30  La Shala, Barcelona

*NEW Class* Begins 8th Jan 2018 - 18.30-19.30 at Barcelona Well Woman Centre


Open Level Hatha classes are for students who have the yoga basics in place. Classes are adapted to suit the levels of experience of the students, with options to tone down a posture or take it to the next level. Every student is encouraged to work to their own level and ability.

In class you will find yourself in a sequence which will create strength and flexibility in both your body and mind. You will conclude the class with a deeper understanding of both the practice and your body whilst feeling energised, relaxed and nourished.

*Hatha yoga is a wonderful all round balancing practice for when you want to feel calm yet energised.*



Hatha Beginners

Yoga Basics

Tuesday 17.00-18.00  Teiá Studio (Maresme Coast)


Hatha beginner classes focus on breaking down the poses and learning about anatomy, alignment and what suits your body.  Here you will find a safe space to have fun and explore the foundations of yoga.

*Hatha beginner classes are designed as an introduction and warm welcome to the world of yoga - it's the place to start!*


Restorative Yoga

Open Level

Saturday 17.00-18.00                     Teiá Studio (Maresme Coast)


Restorative yoga is a deep and nurturing form of yoga, you will discover all the benefits of deep rest.  Restorative poses are fully supported, passive and held for longer periods of time.  You will feel physically and mentally recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed. 

*Restorative Yoga is the perfect practice for you if you feel tired, exhausted or stressed out.*


Yin Yoga

Open Level

Thursday 17.00-18.00                      Teiá Studio (Maresme Coast)


Yin yoga is calming and focuses on gently stretching the tougher tissues in the body, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints.  By attending regular classes, you will notice your flexibility increase.

*Yin yoga is the perfect for improving your flexibility.*



Single Class -  € 7

5 Class Pass valid for 2 months - € 30

10 Class Pass valid for 3 months - € 55